New Book of Nutritional and Medical Secrets



Have you ever asked yourself “how can I get a better understanding about my health”?  Better yet “what can I do to improve my health and improve my chances of living longer”?As a university professor in the schools of medicine and pharmacy, I was constantly trying to find my students a reliable textbook. Either they were too in depth and not easy to understand or just the opposite, too simplistic and too trivial for their use.  Also, many times patients asked me where they could go to better understand their medical problems and they too were greeted with the same response, “there are none”!

Adding to my consternation, was the experience I received from my twenty years on live radio and eight years on Fox TV here in Southeast Florida that gave me a clear vision of what was necessary. That vision was a book that bridged the foundations of both medicine and nutrition, that were easily understood but with enough substance that they could appreciate it.

I intentionally, did not “dumb it down” like many colleges have to their curriculum in an effort to appease their students who are being overcharged and leaving the student with a huge debt. You would be surprised just how many non-medical people do understand and do appreciate this effort.

Perhaps the most insight that I experienced during my career was the time that I attended at Buffalo’s Children’s Hospital. For five years I made rounds on these critically sick children which were very difficult for me from an emotional standpoint but the worse was in dealing with the parents. They could not be avoided no matter what time I made rounds, whether it be 3:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night, they were there. Their questions along with their fears imprinted on me just how ill prepared they were to face the death of their child or just how medicine works. They lacked the most fundamental insights and if they had, their child’s illness would have been that much easier to understand. From that experience I vowed to instill those values into my interns and residents along with the patients and their families that I cared for.

Lastly, the book goes into depth on the subject of aging and how and why it happens along with giving the reader a plan to avoid it. Nowhere is this even considered an issue and this of course effects everyone.


This book in my opinion has many markets including the general public both young and old and the whole college scene because of these foundational concepts and nutritional insights.

Nutrition is a very large subject for many Americans and all you have to do is ask. From the young millennial to the octogenarian, the book is easily understood and full of medical insights which can be used to enrich their lives. Living longer and healthier is a common thread shared by almost everyone including us there in the US, Europe along with other foreign countries.