Good Health Hunting Reality Show

Good Health Hunting Reality Show


About Good Health Hunting

On November 8th, 2014, a reality television show debuted at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. This 22 minute show starred a zany cast of real people and show brief snippets of their lives as they pass through Dr. David Vastola’s Palm Beach Gardens clinic.

From the moment Dr. Vastola entered medical school, he wanted to help people live strong and healthy. That desire has only distilled further through the 40 years he’s been practicing. Every facet of everything he does goes along with that desire to help people. His passion nearly jumps off the screen as he urges his staff to remember the golden rule that “people don’t wait!” and shares moving life-altering stories of the people he’s treated and befriended.

Good Health Hunting is fast-paced and real. Colorful and crazy people deal with the real issues of life, death, sickness, and health. Dr. Vastola allows an unflinching look at his practice because he values the truth behind the zany. “I like to have the rest of the world hear these stories,” he said. “You’re going to meet some really interesting people. There’s a lot to learn, but, I think, the human story is probably the most important story.”

In this show, you will encounter stressed out staff, dancing doctors, laughing patients, and three bouncy poodles. You will laugh and cry as people share their human stories of pivotal moments in their lives. Ultimately, you’ll feel inspired as Dr. Vastola hunts for good health on behalf of the people he serves and cares about.


GOOD HEALTH HUNTING, Brian Connors World Premiere
USA / 2014 / 22 min / BluRay / English
GOOD HEALTH HUNTING is a colorful, fast-paced reality show about life, death, sickness, health, nutrition, crazy people — and an occasional sane one. MODERN FAMILY meets MASH at THE OFFICE. Based on the medical practice of DR DAVID VASTOLA.